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Your Necklace Styles Guide

Guide to Necklace Styles

How to select necklaces that fits your style and body type.

Use this guide to necklace styles so you know what to look for. For more information on specific necklace chain styles, see our chain style guide here.

Necklace Lengths & Styles

Necklaces near your collar:
Collar – 12”-14” – Sits above the neckbone, directly against the throat.

Choker – 14”-16” – Rests at the base of the neck on the neckbone.

Princess – 17”-19” – Hits below the neckbone.

Necklaces near your bust:

Matinee – 20”-25” – Falls from below the collarbone to the bust.

Necklaces below your bust to your navel:

Opera – 26”-36” – Hangs below the bust and is long enough to wear as single strand or wrap as double strand, or knot at the neck.

Rope – 37” and longer – Longest necklace length, when unwrapped or tied these will fall below the navel.

When necklace shopping for necklaces with beads, gemstones or pearls, consider if you want a uniform style where all stones are about the same size or graduated where the size changes uniformly (usually increasing) from the ends to the center.

Select the Right Necklace for Your Body

While there is no wrong way to wear jewelry, when choosing necklace styles there are certain body features can affect what looks best on you. We’ve highlighted some body features to consider when selecting your necklace:

The Right Necklace for Your Face

Heart – 12”-16” necklace lengths, especially chokers and collars
Round – 26”-36” lengths, especially those that form a lengthening V- shape. Avoid necklaces that sit close to the collar (choker, collar, bib)
Long/Rectangular – 12”-16” length, shorter necklaces will create the illusion of a shorter jaw
Oval – all necklace lengths work with this face shape

The Right Necklace for Your Figure

If you have a wide neck or broad shoulders, avoid chokers that can make the neck look wider and seem out of proportion
To accentuate the bust, 20”-22” necklaces work best
For full-figured bodies, necklaces that sit higher on the body 22” and under will sit the best on your body.

The Right Necklace for Your Height

Short (below 5’4”) – 16-20” necklaces will look best on you. V-shapes will also elongate your neckline and add the appearance of height
Tall (5’7” and above) – wear any necklace length, but longer styles will fit best with your frame






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