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Your Bracelet Styles Guide

Your Guide to Bracelet Styles

How to shop for bracelets that fit your wrist and style

Visit a jewelry store near you where you can try on a variety of bracelets to determine what styles look right on your wrists. Establishing a relationship with that jeweler means that they’ll also know the perfect bracelets to suggest at each visit.

Use this quick bracelet style guide to know what to look for and the styles your jeweler may suggest.

Bracelet Style Guide


A cylinder that is rigid in form, either slipped on the wrist with no clasp or has a spring-based opening.

Chain & Tennis Bracelets

Chain bracelets are flexible and fasten with a clasp. Learn about the variety of bracelet chain styles here. When a strand of individual diamonds or gemstones is set in a row they are often referred to as “tennis bracelets.” Clasps should have a second locking device, called a safety to prevent loss if the clasp opens.

Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are chains with small charms that affix to the chain. They make wonderful gifts, as you can continue to incorporate special memories via additional charms through the years. They are treasured by their owners and often passed on to other generations.

Cuff Bracelets

Select the Right Bracelet Size

Ideal bracelet size = .25”-1” larger than your wrist size, depending on the bracelet style and your preferred fit.
For link or chain bracelets, you should be able to slide one to two fingers between the chain and your wrist.
A bangle should not slide onto your wrist easily.
A cuff should fit snug, not loose, on your wrist or forearm.

How to Layer Bracelets

Bracelets are fun and expressive, especially when layered. Some common ways to layer bracelets and get a look that is creative and under control, rather than messy:

  • Use color as an anchor when stacking/layering bracelets.
  • Select similar sized bracelets in a variety of materials.
  • Mix metals and textures with clean, less ornate designs. Think yellow, white and rose gold, and matte with shiny textures.






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