how to clean jewelry

How to Clean Jewelry

How to Clean Jewelry – Simple Tips

Use these simple, basic guidelines for the care and cleaning of your fine jewelry:

Caring for Your Jewelry

  • Store your jewelry in a clean, dry place.
  • Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry case, or in a box with compartments and dividers. If you prefer to use ordinary boxes, wrap each piece individually in soft tissue paper.
  • Don’t jumble your jewelry pieces in a drawer or jewelry case. Pieces can scratch each other.

How to clean Jewelry

  1. You can clean jewelry at home using a simple method, as explained in this article: How to Clean Jewelry at Home. Be careful when removing your jewelry to wash your hands. Do not leave your jewelry on the rim of a sink where it can easily slip down the drain.
  2. You can also use a jewelry cleaning machine. There are many types of small jewelry cleaning machines on the market that will clean jewelry in a matter of minutes using high-frequency sound. These machines are called ultrasonic jewelry cleaners and are available in many different models and prices.


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Source: Jewelers of America



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