Jewelry Metals Buying Guide

Jewelry Metals Buying Guide

A Guide to Jewelry Metal Types

A guide to types of jewelry metals and care

Understanding the various jewelry metal options for your fine jewelry will help you build a jewelry wardrobe that fits your life and style.

Fine jewelry metals have captured imaginations for centuries. You may prefer one kind of metal, or you may be surprised to discover a new favorite among the wide range of metals used in jewelry today. Each has its distinct advantages and some have unique looks and applications for jewelry. Understanding the qualities of each type of jewelry metal can help ensure that the piece you select today will offer a lifetime of joy and satisfaction.

To be confident when you shop for fine jewelry, review our guides on Gold, Platinum, Silver and precious metals alternatives..

How to Care for Jewelry Metals

  • Each jewelry metal or material requires special care, so review our jewelry metal buying guides for specific instructions. Here are some general care tips for metal jewelry to keep your jewelry timeless:
  • Store jewelry in separate pouches or compartments to avoid scratching.
  • Clean jewelry in a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. You can also use a soft toothbrush.
  • Do not wear metal jewelry when working with chemicals or swimming in chlorinated water.


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