platinum Jewelry Buying Guide.

Platinum Jewelry Buying Guide

Guide to Buying Platinum Jewelry

The characteristics to consider when shopping for beautiful platinum jewelry

Pure, rare, eternal – these qualities set platinum apart. The metal of choice for late 19th- and early 20th-century royalty – in both Europe and Hollywood, this precious metal has enjoyed a surge in popularity particularly among discriminating bridal jewelry buyers.

Platinum Strength

Platinum’s strength surpasses both gold and silver and assures your most precious diamonds and gemstones will be protected and secured. Platinum is one of the strongest, most enduring and densest metals. In fact, a piece of jewelry containing 90-percent pure platinum weighs 60 percent more than a 14-karat gold piece of similar size.

Platinum Purity & Quality Marks

Platinum jewelry has a high level of purity that makes it naturally hypoallergenic and, thus, the perfect choice for people with sensitive skin. In the United States, platinum jewelry generally contains 85- to 95-percent pure platinum. By comparison, 14-karat gold is only 58.3-percent pure gold. Jewelry marked only “Platinum”, “Pt” or “Plat” contains at least 95-percent pure platinum. Platinum content can also be marked by 999 for 99.9% pure platinum, 950 for 95% and so on. In the United States, jewelry containing less than 50-percent pure platinum cannot be marked with the word “Platinum” or any abbreviation thereof.

Platinum Durability

Platinum’s durability makes it ideal for wearing every day, as it sustains very little metal loss over a lifetime of wear. Over time, platinum jewelry will develop a natural “patina,” which can be returned to a bright, white shine with a simple repolishing.

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