Ancient Mythology Meets Y2K Trends Thomas Sabo collection

THOMAS SABO Reveals the Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

Traveling through time and space, THOMAS SABO has unveiled its exciting new Spring/Summer Collection 2023. Drawing inspiration from ancient mythology, 1970s pop, Y2K trends and 1990s minimalism, the collection is a unique fusion of vintage and modern styles. Featuring bold shapes, captivating colors and intricate details, the collection promises to be a timeless addition to any wardrobe. THOMAS SABO has truly created a collection that will take fashionistas on a journey through time and space.

Ancient Mythology Meets Y2K Trends

This season’s collection features a vibrant range of colors, from warm earthy hues to striking turquoise and glamorous pink. With a variety of pieces from opulent to playful, the Sterling Silver, Rebel at Heart, Charm Club, Eyewear and Watch lines, as well as the TS Exclusive line, offer something for everyone.

TS Exclusive

The new Mystic Island collection is a beautiful handcrafted tribute to the ancient coins and sunken treasures of the past. Necklaces are adorned with THOMAS SABO coins, celebrating the iconic symbol of the snake.

Sterling Silver

The Sterling Silver Heritage Pink series sparkles with beautiful hand-faceted stones in pink, creating a stunning look in necklaces, earrings and luxurious cocktail rings.

Rebel at heart

Embrace the present and make the most of every moment! The Rebel Cliffs series features beautiful artwork with the hourglass as the primary symbol, reminding us to seize the day and make the most of our time.

Charm Club

The Charming Pop Series offers a unique look to the Charming Collection, inspired by the fun and vibrant Y2K trend. The 3D design language gives the collection a light and cheerful aesthetic, with its pastel-colored hearts and flowers that look like big helium balloons.

We are excited to share that from 12 January 2023, the THOMAS SABO Spring/Summer Collection 2023 will be accessible to shoppers around the globe through our online shop at Thomas Sabo and other select retail partners.

About Thomas Sabo

THOMAS SABO is an international jewelry and watch company that was established in Lauf by Thomas Sabo in 1984. Its range of products includes handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, sunglasses, and watches, which are sold in over 70 countries via its own stores, retail partners, and online. Customers can access the company’s products through its website


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